Location: Durban, South Africa

Well where do I begin, I’m Jonathan Blaine from Durban, South Africa. I was raised in a christian home all my life, with my parents being very active in the church. I’ve always admired all kinds of art, and loved comics and cartoons (i still do). I remember watching Biker mice from mars on VHS and pausing it so i could draw my favourite characters, little did I know that this love for drawing and art would be used further in my life, let alone to glorify God.

I was a regular church goer yet I would still feel like i was lacking something, Id always want to fully commit to God but it wasnt the coolest of things to do you know, peer pressure and all.

Throughout high school I was drawing, tagging desks, just doing what i thought was graffiti as i saw it as an escape, it kinda gave me a purpose, it intrigued me. I’d always look out for graffiti on roads, music videos, magazines etc. I LOVED it and the attention it would get me.

After finishing school I got a job in a new city, and this is where i started actually painting. I met a local writer who was respected and he schooled me as we went on bombing mission after bombing mission, i was living my dream, yet i still felt empty inside, like i was missing something. And one day while browsing the web looking at graffiti i came across a site, I was blown away by it! I was like, these guys do graffiti AND praise God through their art? woweeee

And that is where something inside of me lit up. it also happened that around the same time i started serving in the church more, and dedicating my life to him, amazing how God works indeed.

During this time I made my girlfriend pregnant and what would of been seen as a stumbling block actually made me step up and follow Christ 100%.

Fast forward a few years i’m a happily married man with a wonderful wife and 2 great kids, still painting but now I use it all for the glory of My Big God!