Location: Modesto, California

Hmmm well, I have been painting with spraypaint since 1991. The last half of which, completely legal. As I let go of the desire for fame that comes with painting illegally, I have watched awesome things happen in my life. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t just wake up one day and say “fame is wack”. It was a slow learning process. The more I understand that our lives on earth are as long as a fingersnap compared to eternity, the more fame seems silly. Trying to make sure I was “up” enough to have people see my tags was a giant rat race. Graffiti culture is so anti-suit and tie, like, “those guys are zombies just drifting through life”. But the truth is that most writers are ,themselves, spinning there wheels while they try to keep their crew impressed, girls hearing their name, hitting landmark spots(spots where tags are hard to remove). Society tells these guys that they are products of there bad childhood and they just need to learn how to love themselves before they can love the people around them and respect other peoples property. What???? These guys write their own name as big as a van daily and write there name at least a hundred times a week on paper to make sure it looks fresh! They are in love with themselves! the truth is they were born loving themselves. So what is gonna make them learn to respect people and property??

Well, when your life is consumed with fame, and the fear of losing fame means loosing respect, looks from girls, and friends, your gonna step on any toes you have to! They need a friend that won’t bounce when every other friend does. They need the knowledge that this life isn’t the longest timespan they will know. because if it is then… anarchy, dog-eat-dog, every man for himself. They need Jesus! They need the insurance that God is waiting in heaven for them. Eternity goes on after life on earth is over and its spent in one of two places. Just because you can’t see a headache or don’t “believe” you will ever get one doesn’t mean that pain isn’t gonna hit you one day! Textbooks say we evolved… life begins and ends on earth, and educators/society wonders why they are looking out for “____” one.

Oh, and painting makes me feel good but I feel better when that painting leaves an eternal perspective in the viewers mind. It’s a win-win.