Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Chef/Camer1 – Aftermath

By Camer1 (a.k.a. Chef)

This anger and rage eats at me like termites,
This suffering pain consumes me I just might
Put my fist to the heavens and call you out to fight
Because I don’t feel your present and I don’t see your light,
I’ve asked you time after time please show yourself to me
But your not there and I don’t care, you’re like a freaking disease,
Because I call out your name and you don’t answer my call
And just when I think you build me up my rise becomes my fall,
Why do you hate me, how could you say you mold me and made me,
When you where creating my recipe did you add a dab of crazy,
Stir it a little mix in a smidgen of a lazy
Mixed up kid who’s pissed off and about to blow his lid,
Oh wait a minute, I get it, I see exactly what you’ve done,
You must be angry God or are you just having some fun
Because we were created by you, in your image, by your hand,
So were you messing around or letting off steam when you made man,
Are you going to talk to me God, or sit there and be quiet,
Or to get your attention do I have to start another riot,
So defiant I am and I’ve said it so many times before,
I’m calling out your name to see what a life with you has in store,
Will I ever find out, are you even real,
I’m getting so tired; your presence is all I want to feel,
I’m broken and at the end of my rope there’s got to be something that
I’m missing
Then my God spoke with a loud voice from heaven and said,
“Why don’t you be quiet son and for once just try to listen?!”