Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Hi, I’m RaymØnd aka AMP1, I’m 19. I was born and raised in San Francisco. My life like everyone else’s didn’t start off great I grew up in a house were my parents didn’t really get a long all that well. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom was another case. The only other people I had were my grandmother and my little bro. They were always around when I was in trouble or felt down about something. My experience with GOD has been little weird. All growing up I’ve been told about GOD by my grandmother, but never really thought anything of it. It was always in the back of my mind. So I continued to live my life according to my own rules. Middle school came a long and for me, it became a crazy path. Things were all coming at my too fast. Girls, being excepted by “Friends” doing anything to fit in. Dude I became a little tyrant. Until I met these two dudes named Beto and Michael they became my best friends and they told me about this place called City Crossroads down on 6th and Natoma in San Francisco. I went there a couple times and things were cool. They had a pool table, indoor basketball court, and just some all around cool things. Started going on a regular base just to play games and have fun. Met Camer1 who is a youth pastor there now and he actually got me in to Graffiti. It was Awesome because now I had this hobby that helped me take my mind off of things whenever I was down. I been graffing since 2003 and 2 of those year I actually been painting wall. I still have so much to learn. Any who, I remember going in one day and everything was the same, but this was a little different. People started setting up chairs in front of this little stage. When I asked Beto what was going on he told me they were setting up for worship. That was when I discovered it was a Christian rec center. So after finding that out I didn’t go for couple weeks. My grand mother died around this time and I blamed god for it. Well I didn’t really blame god I was more I was wondering why didn’t he stop it from happening. One Wednesday I went into the center and they were getting ready to do there little worship service, so I just thought I would just bounce but Cam stopped my and asked my to stay and hang out. So I did and I ended up like the tunes they play, and came back every Wednesday after that. One Wednesday, I went in and listened to the worship songs. Something came over and I totally knew it was the Holy Spirit. I broke down with tears in my eye and felt convicted of everything I’ve done. So I talked to Camer about it. That night I gave my life to GOD. The rest is history. I have truly seen GOD work in my life. Now I just want to share the love of GOD by any means necessary more importantly thought Graffiti.