auGGust 2010 France

auGGust 2009 Canada

AuGGust 2008 SF, CA, USA

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA – City Crossroads Youth Center
Who participated: Camer1, Fasm, Bams, Fay, Rhyse, TieFoo, Joax, Said, Saves
Who organized the event: Camer1
Sponsors and thanks to: Blameless Clothing
favorite memories:making great new friends, and meeting new ones…I went to take photos of some blockbuster up the road and met a homeless guy, was able to sit with him and talk and encourage him, and he encouraged me…freaking out on top of the scaffolding!…watching Camer in full effect in his enviroment, hes a legend in the Tender Loin…having tea in China town with Said etc. -Saves

AuGGust 2007

Where: LA, CA, USA
Who participated: Dyle52, One Werd, Fasm, Said, Quaker, FBK crew
Who organized the event: Zender
Wponsors and thanks to: FBK, Blameless Clothing
Favorite memories: driving home in the middle of the night and Dyle and One werd thinking i was throwing things at them while they slept at my house because acorns where falling on the metal roof of the room they stayed in. -fasm

AuGGust 2006 Mexico

Where: Rosarito, Mexico
Who participated: Threat, Camer1, Dyle52, Battle36, j1, Fasm, Ezra, Sacks
Who organized the event: Threat
Sponsors and thanks to: Eric & Regina

auGGust 2005 SF, CA, USA

Where: San Francisco, CA
Who participated: Camer1, Phayth, Fasm, Amp1

auGGust 2004 Orange, CA, USA

auGGust 2002

auGGust 200X Orange, CA, USA – Camer1, Fasm, J-one